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    IP based hosting

    What all required to host a website on openliteseepd so that website will open via IP address? Note - Same server have one more website but that will open when domain name type. How to do this?
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    The mysqli extension is missing - debian 10

    phpMyAdmin - Error The mysqli extension is missing apt install lsphp74-mysqli Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package lsphp74-mysqli What will be issue?
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    Debian 10.4 and OLS

    Thank for replying. Can you please use below all and confirm $COMMAND install $LSPHPVAL $LSPHPVAL-common $LSPHPVAL-mysqlnd $LSPHPVAL-process $LSPHPVAL-gd $LSPHPVAL-mbstring $LSPHPVAL-soap $LSPHPVAL-mcrypt $LSPHPVAL-opcache $LSPHPVAL-bcmath $LSPHPVAL-pdo $LSPHPVAL-xml $LSPHPVAL-json...
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    Debian 10.4 and OLS

    Hi, I am using the below in my script but always getting an error. Are modules valid? The same is working for CentOS but not debian. Please guide. LSPHPVAL is my lsphp versions #$COMMAND install $LSPHPVAL $LSPHPVAL-common $LSPHPVAL-mysqlnd $LSPHPVAL-process $LSPHPVAL-gd $LSPHPVAL-mbstring...
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    cant solve the permmisions problem

    Hi, I am getting some errors like this. What will be the issue and how to fix it? 2021-01-31 05:10:39.525249 [NOTICE] [30175] Pass listener *:7080, copy fd 21 to 1001. 2021-01-31 05:10:39.525264 [NOTICE] [30175] Pass listener *:8088, copy fd 23 to 1000. 2021-01-31 05:10:39.553738 [ERROR]...
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    lsphp74-zip on CentOS 7

    Hi, I tried but getting like - /usr/local/lsws/lsphp74/bin/pecl install zip -bash: /usr/local/lsws/lsphp74/bin/pecl: No such file or directory
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    OLS on Amazon Linux

    Hi, Please guide. How to install OLS on Amazon Linux?
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    packetLen < 0 frequent error

    Yes. Its started from last week only or from latest update only. What details required as its still coming 2 -3 times in a day.
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    Failed to open temp file for swapping

    [STDERR] Failed to open temp file for swapping: No space left on device Why and how to fix this issue?
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    Killing runaway process PID: XXXX with SIGTERM

    2020-11-05 03:21:21.129 [STDERR] [19407] Killing runaway process PID: 5577 with SIGTERM 2020-11-05 03:21:48.684 [STDERR] [19407] Killing runaway process PID: 5581 with SIGTERM 2020-11-05 03:22:05.991 [STDERR] [19407] Killing runaway process PID: 5608 with SIGTERM Why and how to fix this error?
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    packetLen < 0 frequent error

    2020-10-27 09:37:41.733 [STDERR] [15215] packetLen < 0 2020-10-27 09:37:45.060 [STDERR] [15216] packetLen < 0 2020-10-27 09:37:52.434 [STDERR] [15218] packetLen < 0 Why and how to fix this error?
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    Reached max children process - Log into vhost error log instead of stderr

    My setting is -- [root@cloudbox logs]# cat /usr/local/lsws/conf/httpd_config.conf | grep LSAPI_CHILDREN env PHP_LSAPI_CHILDREN=150 Still I am getting error like - 2020-12-04 12:29:09.866 [STDERR] [3372] Reached max children process limit: 10, extra: 3, current: 13...
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    apachectl configtest

    Like "apachectl configtest" which help to check apache configration is ok. How we check same for OLS ?
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    Domain Preview

    No. Sometime due to some DNS issue website not working on URL so is any way like in cpanel http://IP/~username will show direct website status via panel. Is any way to do if multiple domain added in OLS?
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    Domain Preview

    Anyway to check domain working status via preview link/URL?
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    Too many open files error on LiteSpeed Web Server

    Hi, How to fix this ? 2020-10-10 00:14:29.027446 [ERROR] [ftpw3ser.990]: Failed to listen socket [/tmp/lshttpd/ftpw3ser-lsphp.sock]: Too many open files 2020-10-10 00:14:29.027490 [ERROR] [ftpmembers.990]: Failed to listen socket [/tmp/lshttpd/ftpmembers-lsphp.sock]: Too many open files...
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    Log Level

    Fixed. Thanks
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    Log Level

    errorlog $SERVER_ROOT/logs/error.log { logLevel ERROR debugLevel 10 rollingSize 10M enableStderrLog 1 } accesslog $SERVER_ROOT/logs/access.log { rollingSize 10M keepDays 30 compressArchive 0 }
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    Log Level

    Yes. I checked all possible things including log level in configuration setting.