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    Reg LSPHP56

    Hi, I am getting an error while installing lsphp56 and other modules on the server. Any issue in repo ? An error like - Last metadata expiration check ... No match for argument: lsphp56
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    Default php version with OLS

    What is the default PHP version with current OLS?
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    Frequent Bad Request Issue

    User getting many time bad request - server not able to understand the error. Whereas the same URL hit the second time go 200 response without issue. Where will the be issue? Any tools to know where the is issue? Any setting needs to be changed.
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    OpenLiteSpeed as Proxy

    What will be redirection rule for below --- Internet ===> OpenliteSpeed ( Proxy - For https for all ) ====> Backup End Apache Server ( without SSL ) Any parameters need to be adjusted for big traffic websites like Online News Website. Please help.
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    Running 2 website from single virtual host

    Please correct me if I am wrong. 1 - Both domain hosted and working perfectly 2 - Change in sub-domaian virtual host - Document Root to main domain ( so that both will take same files ) 3 - As both having SSL so need to have diff virtual host ( ?????????????? ) Map to same virtual host ...
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    Running 2 website from single virtual host

    Hi, Client having 2 websites like and ( subdomain ) Codes and all files are the same. It will auto-detect language or base on user preference it shows language. How to do it as an admin panel is one, the database is one. Please help.?
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    reg service status

    I made one script which install everything and at the end of script I would like to show final service status like running. Anyway .. I try to manage it. Thank you .
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    reg service status

    Actually I am doing some automation and need way to check service status at the end of script. I do like this - echo "FINAL SERVICE RUNNING STATUS" echo " " echo "Openlitespeed status -"# ### No cmd found echo "ProFTPD status -" systemctl show -p SubState proftpd | sed 's/SubState=//g' echo...
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    reg service status

    [root@rnd ~]# systemctl show -p SubState lsws SubState=failed [root@rnd ~]# lsws status litespeed is running with PID 6218. [root@rnd ~]#
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    reg service status

    Hi, I am making some shell script to check openlitespeed status after installation. I am using below cmd but somehow it's not working or helping. systemctl show -p SubState lsws | sed 's/SubState=//g'
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    Worked like champ. Thank you!!
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    reg version check

    Hi, Do any way like shell command to check the current version available? I am looking to automate auto-update OLS.
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    Install IonCube loader on OpenLiteSpeed

    What about for php7.4 ? Will this work?
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    cache issue on prod server

    Yes. I disabled cache for custom and my issue fixed.
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    reg OpenLiteSpeed Version Differance

    Hi, I am getting notifications related to version release. Like - [openlitespeed-development] OpenLiteSpeed v1.5.12 Now Available [openlitespeed-development] OpenLiteSpeed v1.6.10 Now Available [openlitespeed-development] Re: OpenLiteSpeed v1.7.0 RC1 Now Available I would like to...
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    Tracking real visitors IP address in access log

    I added CloudFront before this setup and now apache logs showing only CloudFront IP only not actual visitors IP. Any more changes to track real visitor if CDN is active?
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    cache issue on prod server

    I configured OLS and MySQL for one project and facing issues. Admin added records via backend and its store in DB but frontend data not showing start displaying after 2-4 min. What will be issue? Any setting needs to be correct? I am surprised that cyber panel also using openlitespeed...
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    Disable opcode cache for that PHP version ( Impact )

    Disable opcode cache for that PHP version I read somewhere to troubleshoot, disable opcode cache for that PHP version. What is the user not enabled it after that? What issue /impact?
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    Query about OLSW as proxy

    Can anyone give honest suggestions if we get any benefit using OLS as a proxy before the webserver? I added to test on one project but the client not happy with speed/performance. I do consultancy and trying to solve website problems and suggest a good solution. Sometimes even free and best...