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    WAF Comodo 3 and ModSecurity: Warning `userdata_wl_content_type'

    this happen on xenforo forum engine (seems that this forum on the same engine :) ). I also sent a request to them , but they offered to contact LiteSpeed Server to get help.
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    WAF Comodo 3 and ModSecurity: Warning `userdata_wl_content_type'

    with activated WAF by COMODO 3.0 i have these warnings (activated via cyberpanel not in openLS directly) ModSecurity: Warning. Matched "Operator `PmFromFile' with parameter `userdata_wl_content_type' against variable `TX:0' (Value: `application/x-www-form-urlencoded' ) [file...
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    Freeze webadmin

    Fresh install 1.6.17 on ubuntu 20.04 with cyberpanel After some time (cant say exactly) I cant access to webadmin of OpenLiteSpeed just no any answer from server, as if 8090 port was blocked. but all sites on server work fine, no any freezes. all other services also work fine. i can access to...