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  1. Cold-Egg

    OLS can't access WordPress database hostname

    Did you install the LSPHP mysql extension?
  2. Cold-Egg

    openlitespeed 1.6.21 cannot be installed on ubuntu 18.04

    HI, I launched a fresh Ubuntu 18 server and was not able to reproduce it. Could you raise a ticket to us with this forum link appended?
  3. Cold-Egg

    SSL Certifcate issue

    When you apply for the cert, did you apply for both with/without www domains?
  4. Cold-Egg

    SSL Web Socket proxy bug

    May I know if this is a OpenLiteSpeed or LiteSpeed Web Server? Were you trying to use a secure WebSocket backend?
  5. Cold-Egg

    HSTS - Strict-Transport-Security & Preload (& HTTPS / SSL HEADER ONLY)

    You will do the mapping after the Virtual host created. Go to Listener > your HTTPS listener, click Add button of the Virtual Host Mappings section.
  6. Cold-Egg

    Where is HSTS setting in OpenLiteSpeed web admin panel?

    Like this forum said, create a separate HTTPS virtual host and set the header in the context of it. You will do the mapping after the Virtual host created. Go to Listener > your HTTPS...
  7. Cold-Egg

    index.html served through h2 while assets through h3 quic shows HTTP/3 is supported
  8. Cold-Egg

    Cannot start after update

    Hi @remi , Thanks for the report, new build should have it fixed. openlitespeed_1.6.21-2
  9. Cold-Egg

    Cannot start after update

    Debian10 package should work, could you raise a support ticket to so we can check with you?
  10. Cold-Egg

    Cannot start after update

    Hi Please try fixing the broken package by following Let us know if it works.
  11. Cold-Egg

    How can I disable PHP execution in a specific subdirectory?

    Can use rewrite rule to prevent it. Go to the uploads folder and add .htaccess with following rules, RewriteEngine on RewriteRule (.*)php$ - [F]
  12. Cold-Egg

    http/3 h3-23 draft not been issued on OLS 1.6.2

    Hi, What's the output result from the
  13. Cold-Egg

    Letsencrypt certificate is renewed but LSWS doesn't restart

    certbot renew --force-renew --deploy-hook "systemctl restart lsws" According to the log LSWS restarts fine when --force-renew is used. Looks good to me, let's see if it will work on the next renewal.
  14. Cold-Egg

    lsmcd FATAL ERROR alloc2 cross large page boundary

    Thanks for the report, the developer has been replied on the Github issue,
  15. Cold-Egg

    Using a RewriteRule to change to 410

    There is a minor difference in the way LiteSpeed Web Server and Apache treat the [L] flag in rewrite rules. The [L] flag (“L” stands for “Last”) causes mod_rewrite to stop processing the ruleset. There are two ways to interpret this: In most contexts, including LiteSpeed Web Server, this means...
  16. Cold-Egg

    Using a RewriteRule to change to 410

    I changed the forums to another string, but yeah, it works. Maybe you can try to move this line to the top of the .htaccess file.
  17. Cold-Egg

    Can't set WebAdmin to port 443

    Port 80 and 443 are more for the regular HTTP and HTTPS listener set up, please avoid using it on the web admin listener. you might want to consider setting up a reverse proxy for the web admin which sounds weird to me through :LOL:
  18. Cold-Egg

    AWS OpenLiteSpeed SFTP Permissions

    Hi @jcm, Hope this helps
  19. Cold-Egg

    Using a RewriteRule to change to 410

    It works for me, have you restart the webserver?
  20. Cold-Egg

    my custom "sendmail_path" is not executing.

    They might be using different PHP, could you compare phpinfo page for both Apache and LiteSpeed?