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    OpenLiteSpeed CloudLinux 7 + CageFS + LVE Manager + PHP 7.3 + Custom Home Folder

    Hello, I am investing over a week to find a clear answer and a working solution for my environment here below is what I have: OS: CloudLinux 7 Web server: OpenLiteSpeed Extra OS Add-on: CgeFS - LVE Manager + Altphp 7.3 + Custom Docroot Folder /Home/User/Public_HTML User Have SSH access because...
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    File & Folder Owner - Permission *cPanel / WHM Transfer*

    I am trying to set up my first OLS server on CloudLinux 7 CageFS and KernelCare to move my website from the WHM/cPanel to the new OLS server. The only part I can't figure is permission for file and folder and who own them during my setup and creating folder everything own by root user and i have...