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    [Lumen] Composer lscache remove Illuminati Folder

    Lumen is not Laravel - The Laravel Framework (laravel/framework in composer) removes illuminate packages: ( Look under replaces ) Since the litespeed/lscache-laravel package has a dependency on laravel/framework, this package will be pulled in...
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    Issue with mobile cache in LScache plugin

    @mithu, Okay, so in that case 'vary=ismobile' should be set for mobile user agents, and I suspect that it's because OpenLiteSpeed still look at old rewrite rules, this can be fixed by restarting OpenLiteSpeed and then possibly clear the cache afterwards just to be sure If it doesn't work, then...
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    Issue with mobile cache in LScache plugin

    Hi @mithu To keep the content centralized, we'll move it from the litespeed forum to here, to quote you on your litespeed forum reply: This mobile detection script how does that look? Additionally, can you check in your .htaccess file in the root of your WordPress installation, whether it...