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    x-litespeed-cache: hit after crawling ?!?!

    Hi, I have a doubt. In my sitemap list I find many pages in "Cache Hit" (green dot), for all 4 crowlers. Requesting one of those pages via browser I would expect to find "x-litespeed-cache: hit" in the response header, instead I find a miss. Only after the refresh do I get a "hit" (and the...
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    Compiled 7.4.20 not including library

    Ok thanks, I'll try as soon as possible.
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    Compiled 7.4.20 not including library

    I can confirm that the default options in the OpenSpeedLite control webapp for compiling PHP 7.4.20 have the two hypothesized errors. The configuration options must be written as indicated above. Unfortunately for the third I have not found a solution.
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    Compiled 7.4.20 not including library

    Hi, compiling the PHP 7.4.20 version, where memcached is present, using the default web libtools configuration options, I have a problem recognizing --with-gd, --with-mcrypt and --enable-zip. I am unable to integrate the library later. How can I solve? This is all because there is no memcached...