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    How to transfer ssl certificates from Debian/Apache2 to Openlitespeed Webserver?

    I'm trying to transfer my existing SSL certificates from Debian/Apache2 to Openlitespeed Webserver These are the current paths to the certificates on the current configuration on the Apache2 . server SSLCertificateFile /etc/ssl/certs/my-domain_com.crt SSLCertificateKeyFile...
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    Admin Login - NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED

    Thanks. The problem is actually not the warning: it's that the Catalina Update on MacOs seems to be forcing https so the admin can't be accessed. Good think I have a second Mac which hasn't been updated yet.
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    Admin Login - NET::ERR_CERT_REVOKED

    Hi, did you ever figure it out? Same problem and no idea what to do thanks