1. Master3395

    MIME type [application/x-httpd-php] for suffix '.php'

    Every now and then i get this type of error in the logs on my OpenLitespeed setup with CyberPanel. Sometimes it shows up for PHP 7.4 and sometimes for 8.1 and 8.2 Not sure why. Php 7.4 is what i mostly use. Any advice? I saw other forum posts, but I have already tried such. MIME type...
  2. Sveken

    Almalinux 8.6 failed to update ImageMagick-libs

    Hello all, I have about 6 Almalinux + Openlitespeed boxes which have been working great so far. However i am unable to update any of them currently due to the imagick components we are using for lsphp due to the following errors Problem 1: package lsphp80-pecl-imagick-3.4.4-1.el8.8.0.x86_64...