1. J

    AWS Loadbalancer infront of OLS + Wordpress

    Hi, I am a complete noob with OLS and I've facing some challenges. OLS is currently hosted on an EC2, also Wordpress has been installed. I would like to implement AWS Elastic Load Balancer in front of the webserver. I've checked /usr/local/lsws/conf/httpd_config.conf to see which virtualHosts...
  2. H

    Deploy an Elastic Beanstalk enviroment with OpenLiteSpeed

    Hello, I wanted to ask you if it is possible to create an OLS web server app using AWS Elastic Beanstalk. I have just created one but it creates it with NGINX and gives me the option to change it to Apache. Do you have any docs on how to do it? If possible.
  3. P

    Litespeed wordpress on AWS redirection issue

    Hi, Hope everyone is doing well. I have installed Wordpress using ec2 instance on AWS and the IP address ( is not redirecting to my site address I also installed it on google cloud and that's working fine but on aws the domain name and Ip address are two...
  4. A

    Configure SSH to wordpress

    Hello! I hope you are fine. I am new member here. I am creating my website on AMAZON web hosting (AWS). I chose openlite speed. Now it is saying: Please log into your Server with SSH to configure the WordPress installation. Can someone help me how to add SSH? please?
  5. jcm

    AWS OpenLiteSpeed SFTP Permissions

    Hello, I have installed OpenLIteSpeed from the Amazon AWS Marketplace and not just once a few times as I messed up the permissions trying to fix them so restarted a few times. The summary of it is Wordpress functions well but if I connect via SFTP with username "ubuntu" as required, then...
  6. Q

    what is OpenLitespeed Django proper workflow?

    I have deployed OLS Django from the AWS Marketplace. but it is not clear to me how I do apply my code changes. I've committed the default `demo` project into private github repo and push changes from my local computer. git pull works sometimes. sometimes it not works. I can't get the system...
  7. M

    Cyberpanel + OLS on AWS lightsail

    Is it possible to install Cyberpanel + OpenLightSpeed on AWS lightsail? I am currently using Cyberpanel + OLS on AWS EC2 which is working too good. But to reduce cost I am thinking to move to Lightsail but I don't want to leave Cyberpanel and OLS. Can anybody here to clear my confusion? It will...
  8. C

    AWS OLS Image - is it pre-configured or needs configuration?

    Hello, I spun a OLS server on EC2 using OLS ami in aws and followed the instructions, however, in main configuration instruction, there isnt any instructions to configure the OLS. do i need to configure anything or it is pre configured. my wp environment is installed and works perfectly. but...
  9. soliman18eg

    does anyone has an expiernce with AWS RDS with open lite speed ?

    I am looking to create RDS Maria db on AWS. and not sure how is this going to work anyone has experience let me know
  10. soliman18eg

    What is the complete difference beetwen OpenLiteSpeed & LiteSpeed Enterprise? OLS vs LSWS

    I am planning to use AWS for hosting and cyberpanle with just OLS yet not sure. the site will be E commerce use woocommerce on wordpress. and lots of user who are going to have forum and posts. some kind of marketplace. as we see that Cyber Panel has free OLS and in some articles showing the...