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    Server log viewer should have ordering enabled and should default to descending by time

    Here is how to make those changes: admin/ $("#dash_logtbl").dataTable( {"ordering": true, // change to true to enable ordering "order"...
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    Bug in server log viewer

    There seems to be a bug in the server log viewer. The SetRange function in admin/ prevents $from from being set to -1, which is POS_FILEEND ie the end of the file. Therefore the |> button does not really work. function SetRange($from, $size) { if...
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    Suspend/resume virtual host in webadmin console does not work without manual lsws restart

    I was trying to suspend/resume a virtual host from the webadmin console and it was not taking. The toggle only took after I did 'sudo service lsws restart' from the terminal. I am running lsws 1.7.4. Let me know if this is a known problem or maybe there is an issue with my installation...