1. F

    HSTS not working

    Hello everyone, I tried to add HSTS to my website but it seems to not be working. Since I'm not using cPanel or Plesk I tried the method shown in "Using LSWS-Native Configs" section here: https://www.litespeedtech.com/support/wiki/doku.php/litespeed_wiki:config:hsts-setup After a graceful...
  2. jonathandhn

    HSTS - Strict-Transport-Security & Preload (& HTTPS / SSL HEADER ONLY)

    Hi, I'm getting mad of seeking for a way to set the HSTS header to be sent only during HTTPS access and never on HTTP. htaccess is not working at all for header, "CONTEXT" static is fully useless since it can't do it on HTTPS SSL only access. I've seen many people do it this way, but in context...
  3. techiebraj

    Where is HSTS setting in OpenLiteSpeed web admin panel?

    Hello there, Yesterday I was looking at all the settings at server:7080, suddenly a setting came HSTS, I turned that on but now since that was a demo site, I want to turn off HSTS, but I am not able to look at that setting again. Can you please tell me where is the HSTS setting in...