litespeed plugin

  1. K

    Can I achieve the speed score of 100 in this page?

    This page is my Pikashow APK and I can achieve a google speed score of 90 on this page. Just now I have checked the speed score of this page, then its score is coming to 55 I am using the server of open lite speed as well as using the Litespeed plugin. If it's possible, please tell us how it...
  2. Y

    I upgraded openlitespeed runs php version 8.0, I found wordpress litespeed plugin has critical errors

    I upgraded my Openlitespeed server to run in PHP 8.0. It was fine. the website still runs normally on the front end. but when I go to wp-admin. it says, "There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions." Then I checked the email, the...