1. cloudrider

    Setting up high performance WP+Woocommerce site on OLS

    Hi everyone, So I recently setup a new Cyberpanel installation on GCP cloud but didn’t noticed any performance improvement compared to other providers, I intend to use it for my Woocommerce based site. As I read most of the WordPress managed hosting providers use GCP + Nginx setup for their...
  2. I

    OLS Cache Module/LScache does not work

    Hello! I just installed OLS Web Server and LScache following the official guidelines, but the cache did not work for me. My stack is: VPS -> CentOS 7 (Updated) -> OLS (1.4.41) -> MariaDB 10.1 -> PHP7.2 (lsphp72 lsphp72-common lsphp72-mysqlnd lsphp72-gd lsphp72-process...