multiple ssl

  1. alexbritez92

    Problems with SSL in Wordpress Multisite

    Hi, I have migrated to GCP + OpenLiteSpeed + Wordpress Multisite. The multisite is configured with several domains, all are accessible and the main domain works perfectly with SSL, but, I cannot activate SSL for the other domains. I have followed some guides but can't find a solution. I have...
  2. A

    openlitespeed ssl with multiple Domain

    Hi Everyone! Our Client Welding tools site Want Cloudflare Full SSL , Currently We Using Openlitespeed with cloudflare Flexiable ssl But I Changed to Full SSL on Cloudflare , Our Site Showing "Server not connect" error So , How to Connect Multiple site on...
  3. erico

    Installing Two Websites

    I have installed two websites on openlitespeed, can I possibly install two SSL certificates one for each website?
  4. stan0ne

    Multiple Virtual host SSL

    Hello all. I am using OpenLiteSpeed for my webserver. i have 2 domain and 2 virtual host. i create listener for 443 and set secure to yes and map virtual hosts this listener 443. i configured ssl at virtual hosts. but not access https:// i think i need to enter ssl for 443 listeners. but I...