purge cache

  1. guneetnarula

    Very heavy cachedata directory size - purging doesn't clear it

    I am managing a large WP website (40GB uploads) with OLS and the litespeed cache plugin. Recently I saw that the /../lsws/cachedata directory size is 47GB. Purging cache from the plugin does not do anything. Two questions: 1. Why is this directory so huge? 2. Is it safe to remove all files...
  2. K

    Cache Problem Website

    hello, my website use Litespeed Server and Litespeed Cache Plugin and i am update our website post but not changes in mobile browser and other pc browser show old content but actually change the post content. Why this Problem face Our Website Please tell me. and also use a cloudflare cdn
  3. B

    Purge the cache by URL

    Hi, I want to ask how to use purge the cache by URL? What I want to achieve is the following: to cache everything for 8 hours, and the home page to purge every hour (using cronjobs). I use openlitespeed and cyberpanel. What I have managed to do so far is: 1. To cache everything for eight hours...