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    Need help installing GD and Redis (Ubuntu 20)

    Hello guys, I am in no way a techy guy and I have just migrated a test WordPress site from shared hosting to OpenLiteSpeed + Ubuntu, on a VPS. I have managed to setup the Let's Encrypt but I couldn't handle the GD and Redis installations. I mean, I think I have installed them (I followed some...
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    Redis setup help

    Hi I have some issues setting up redis cache in openlitespeed and centos8. I followed this guide to setup cache. I need to create a INI file but not sure about the file path for openlitespeed. sudo echo "" >...
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    Configure memcached and redis

    I got working openlitespeed vm and installed all lsphp73-* packages where are also "lsphp73-mecached" and "lsphp73-redis" but I just installed "memcached" started and in WordPress Litespeed Cache plugin it shows that it's working with localhost set. Is there need for lsphp packages? Any...