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    How to Active Memcached to Redis?

    I use Openlite Speed web server in my website and my website name is Picasso App. My website has a default Memcached set and whenever I am setting up from Memcached to Redis some error is showing on my website, how can I fix it?
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    Debian 9 (Stretch)-based OS can't find redis extension. My PHP Version is 8.0.14

    From oficial site page: After command everything okey apt-get install lsphp80 lsphp80-common lsphp80-mysql lsphp80-memcached lsphp80-redis lsphp80-opcache lsphp80-curl lsphp80-imagick -y except: lsphp80-redis. Sytem can't find this module to...
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    Should I switch from nginx?

    Hi all, I'm considering if I should switch from nginx which has been running quite stable for me to be honest. I'm interested in the ability to serve more requests faster, but I'm not sure if my case fits the bill. At my company we run hundreds if not thousands of websites for our clients with...
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    Need help installing GD and Redis (Ubuntu 20)

    Hello guys, I am in no way a techy guy and I have just migrated a test WordPress site from shared hosting to OpenLiteSpeed + Ubuntu, on a VPS. I have managed to setup the Let's Encrypt but I couldn't handle the GD and Redis installations. I mean, I think I have installed them (I followed some...
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    Redis setup help

    Hi I have some issues setting up redis cache in openlitespeed and centos8. I followed this guide to setup cache. I need to create a INI file but not sure about the file path for openlitespeed. sudo echo "" >...
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    Configure memcached and redis

    I got working openlitespeed vm and installed all lsphp73-* packages where are also "lsphp73-mecached" and "lsphp73-redis" but I just installed "memcached" started and in WordPress Litespeed Cache plugin it shows that it's working with localhost set. Is there need for lsphp packages? Any...