1. M

    Not able to restart node.js service from Jenkins

    I've recently configured Node.js with OpenLiteSpeed from Hostinger VPS (from template). My first node app is running smoothly and that's why I move forward in configuration. I've set Jenkins for CI/CD. But from the pipeline, I'm not able to restart the node service using the following command as...
  2. K

    System restart required

    Hello my name is kundan sah and i am use digital ocean Litespeed Wordpress and server showing System restart required and can you help how to this.
  3. bicibikes15

    How to fix Cyberpanel error after restarting on Google Cloud.

    Yesterday my 30GB disk was full without making any changes in the 3 wordpress websites. Restart the server and now I can't get in. Through the serial port it gives me the error that I show in the image below, however it is an infinite loop that I don't know how to stop. I appreciate your help...
  4. ofmarconi

    Is it possible after a series of errors or excessive access for OLS to run Restart Graceful?

    I'm doing a stress test with my OLS via When I exaggerate the number of requests I realize that WordPress, even after the test has ended, remains stuck for about 10m ... But if I give a Graceful Restart it goes back to normal, flying. I was wondering if on the OLS Panel you can...
  5. G

    Suspend/resume virtual host in webadmin console does not work without manual lsws restart

    I was trying to suspend/resume a virtual host from the webadmin console and it was not taking. The toggle only took after I did 'sudo service lsws restart' from the terminal. I am running lsws 1.7.4. Let me know if this is a known problem or maybe there is an issue with my installation...