rewrite rule

  1. D

    Password Protection for Virtual Location and Overwriting Rules

    I have for my php application a virtual location "/backend/" which I like to have password protected. I also using "rewrite" rules at the root context so the requests get routed to my "/index.php". I noticed when I have a root context "/" with rewrite rules the "Realm" protected context...
  2. C

    Relatively simple rewrite rule not effective

    I want to have requests to this url result in a 404 response, via the Rewrite Rules setting for the virtual host in the OLS web console: I have a 404 rule working for another page, but this one has been stubborn to find the right rule expression. I've tried this...
  3. buzzchan525

    .htaccess rewrite rule doesn't work on Cyber Panel

    Since i have clone the all database + Wordpress from Cloudway to another Host. Then i want to try Cyber Panel then install Wordpress and clone it from Cloudway Host (database + Wordpress) i got 404 excluding Homepage.. i can find that the rewrite rule .htaccess from Cyber Panel File Manger the...