static context

  1. MMumpower

    WebAdmin Console - Adding Context Leads To 404

    Hello! I'm currently attempting to follow the guide here to finalize configuration of my WordPress/OpenLiteSpeed powered website. I've made it into the panel, navigated to the adding of the static context for the virtual server and after entering the recommended settings, I'm presented with a...
  2. B

    Problem with changing static context location

    Hi. I'd like to ask a question about a problem that I've been facing with OpenLiteSpeed. Here's the full problem. So I'm running a deployment script on my VM. When there's new version of the app, the scripts runs this sequence: Create a backup folder for the current production web folder...
  3. Yogurteg

    How I set custom headers ONLY for html?

    Hello! I have site on WordPress on OLS. I want to set headers for html only. For example: "link <font as font>" (server push) If I paste code into "Header operation" in "Context", this headers applies on all static content (css, js, etc) URI* set "/" How I apply this code only for my webpages?
  4. A

    Context help needed

    I've recently installed OpenLiteSpeed and have been trying to transfer everything over from a shared host. I'm trying to turn my .htaccess files into working contexts but haven't been able to work out how to do so, if I visit my website it always returns a 404. Is anyone able to point me in the...