static context

  1. B

    Problem with changing static context location

    Hi. I'd like to ask a question about a problem that I've been facing with OpenLiteSpeed. Here's the full problem. So I'm running a deployment script on my VM. When there's new version of the app, the scripts runs this sequence: Create a backup folder for the current production web folder...
  2. Yogurteg

    How I set custom headers ONLY for html?

    Hello! I have site on WordPress on OLS. I want to set headers for html only. For example: "link <font as font>" (server push) If I paste code into "Header operation" in "Context", this headers applies on all static content (css, js, etc) URI* set "/" How I apply this code only for my webpages?
  3. A

    Context help needed

    I've recently installed OpenLiteSpeed and have been trying to transfer everything over from a shared host. I'm trying to turn my .htaccess files into working contexts but haven't been able to work out how to do so, if I visit my website it always returns a 404. Is anyone able to point me in the...