user permissions

  1. S

    Custom DocumentRoot returns 404

    I created a new virtual host for a domain name say, with the custom Document Root (/home/someName/html) having just one index.html page. The owner and group of the document root folder is the domain name without the extension (someName:someName). I have specified "someName" in the...
  2. G

    DigitalOcean image uses www-data:www-data instead of nobody:nogroup

    I have noticed the DigitalOcean OLS image uses www-data:www-data instead of the recommended nobody:nobody (or nobody:nogroup). Could you clarify why there is a discrepancy? I am also wondering if it is possible to run multiple sites using the same virtual host template with different users/groups.
  3. L

    OpenLiteSpeed WordPress on GCP: Wordpress directory permission

    I am trying to upload (modify, edit, delete ues) files to the directory with Wordpress using Filezilla. I can only use the local directory with my login name, but the Wordpress directory does not have permission to write to. There are a few ways around this. You could upload them to a directory...
  4. truyencuoi

    Implemented Suggest additional features for admin panel OpenLiteSpeed

    Hello everyone. I have been using OLS for 2 years. In the course of use, I found that there are some points for improvement, I want QLS to add the following features: Add user permissions functions. Added mainline update menu (Features version). Thanks for comunity