virtual host template

  1. S

    Rewrite Rules (Disabled by CyberPanel)

    Hi, I'm trying to configure my VHost Template via OLS web panel but met this: Rewrite Rules (Disabled by CyberPanel). Why and how it's disabled and how to enable it? Grateful for the advice or some direction...
  2. T

    Can't configure a VHOST template

    Hello, I'm trying to set up 2 https domains ( & with OLS templates VHOST. I have 1 certificate (CERTBOT - LETSENCRYPT) for each domain. I made many tests and I don't understand what I'm doing wrong... This is my configuration : OpenLiteSpeed 1.6.19 / DEBIAN 10...
  3. rkrkrk

    HTTPS Error 404 Page On Member Virtual Host Root

    Hello I'm new here..May I ask favor? Previously I have installed SSL with Let's Encrypt standalone option So I've created a VHost Templates called NXS and added Member Virtual Hosts for a domain where the "Member Virtual Host Root" location is $SERVER_ROOT/$VH_NAME/html/ The problem is, when...
  4. G

    DigitalOcean image uses www-data:www-data instead of nobody:nogroup

    I have noticed the DigitalOcean OLS image uses www-data:www-data instead of the recommended nobody:nobody (or nobody:nogroup). Could you clarify why there is a discrepancy? I am also wondering if it is possible to run multiple sites using the same virtual host template with different users/groups.