1. R

    file not found error on file upload on openlightspeed server on VPS (only)

    I have Javascript code for uploading a file, see codesandbox. The code works on localhost and on a codesandbox-server but not on a VPS at Hostinger, with OpenLightSpeed and Nodejs preinstalled. I CAN upload file to Hostinger VPS uploads folder if I use SSH to connect to the VPS and then run...
  2. kvv213

    Advices for settings for low ram settings

    Hi All! Could you please advice what settings shall I check in order to make work OLS with 1Gb VPS? Wordpress (plus some static) + MariaDB + LSPHP 7.4 All the settings are almost default. I was trying to change some settings but without any success. At rush hours VPS ran out of RAM and or...
  3. B

    VPS Symfony app - error 404 except on root route

    I have a Symfony app deployed on VPS Cyberpanel which was working fine but not anymore, as it goes. The root route ("/") is working fine and reaching the Symfony app files. I can also fetch other files sitting on the /public_html directory, like images. The error I am getting does not seem to...