1. W

    Site performing poorly with default config from image on Digitalocean.

    Hi Team, I was working on increasing the reliability of my wordpress based ecommerce store. I heard openlitespeed makes my speed fast which it did but now I see that it doesn't perform good on 5 concurrent hits. Kindly suggest if the...
  2. T

    Wordpress Cache Plugin

    Having issues with LiteSpeed Cache plugin and WooCommerce cart. You can add items to the cart but once you visit a page that has been cached via the LiteSpeed cache, the cart will show up empty again. This seem to be an issue with the session state and the cache. When we disable the LiteSpeed...
  3. cloudrider

    Setting up high performance WP+Woocommerce site on OLS

    Hi everyone, So I recently setup a new Cyberpanel installation on GCP cloud but didn’t noticed any performance improvement compared to other providers, I intend to use it for my Woocommerce based site. As I read most of the WordPress managed hosting providers use GCP + Nginx setup for their...