1.3.11 and 1.4.8 Released! Is that a bug?


Hello All,

1.3.11 and 1.4.8 are now released! These new versions focused mainly on bug fixes. We strongly recommend anyone experiencing issues with 1.3.10 or 1.4.7 to try these out.

To those who are wondering, we hope to take care of as many of the bugs as possible before designating 1.4.x stable, but we hope that it will be changed soon!

Also, please try the 1.4 version in a test environment if you aren't using 1.4 yet. If you don't end up having any issues, at least you know changing to 1.4 will not cause problems. If you do end up getting issues, it will be very helpful to all of us, as we will be able to work out any bugs that we missed.