404 Error : OLS reverse proxy setup for virtual host not working.

Hi Team,

I'm currently using open light speed to connect to my spring boot application. Deployed on Centos 7 vps. I'm facing the below issues:

1. My application is deployed on port 8443 and open light speed is also deployed on the same server and accessible on https://<VPS_IP>:7080.

2. Till now we have created 1 external app for the virtual host Example that points to through localhost:8443 and its type is webserver.

3. We have also created a virtual host Example context for it with URI = /
type = proxy and webserver = The one we created above. In step 2.

4. We have 2 listeners configured with port : 443 and 80 . These two are mapped to the virtual host Example

Issue :
We are getting 404 error and it not connecting to the localhost:8443

Kindly provide a solution for this issue and also please let me know if any changes are suggested from your side.

Please note: Directly hitting https://<VPS_IP>:8443 is working.