Announcing the release of ols1clk!


We are proud to announce the release of ols1clk, a one click script to install OpenLiteSpeed with its default settings. In addition to OLS, the script can install WordPress for you.

For a full list of the available options, check out our GitHub repo:


Why should I use this?

If you are trying to install WordPress on your own machine and have no idea where to start, this is your one stop shop! This will install the web server, and optionally MySQL and WordPress as well, giving you a running start. After the script finishes, you can get straight to configuring the web server or jump right into the WordPress set up.

What Operating Systems are supported?

CentOS 5,6,7

Debian 7,8

Ubuntu 12-16

Do I need super user access?

Yes, you need root access to use the script. You may use a super user account, or you may use sudo as well.

Where is OLS installed to?


Where is WordPress installed?


What PHP version is installed?

The latest version from our repositories. Currently, it is version 5.6.x

I tried installing OLS once and it threw a bunch of text at me saying there was an error!

This one click install script should automatically install any dependencies you are missing.

Can I use it for my existing WordPress installation?

Yes! All you need to do is point the script to the installation path using the --wordpresspath option.

Will it break my existing WordPress installation?

Open LiteSpeed cannot read .htaccess files. However, this script will parse your .htaccess file and try to extract the relevant rewrite rules. Depending on how complex the file is, there may be issues in the conversion.

What happens when there is an OLS update?

The Web Admin says there is an update for OLS!

The script installs using your OS's package manager. Just run update in the package manager to update your installation.

e.g. yum update
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