[BUG] Server crash and don't want to start


Just to let you know that with Openlitespeed 1.4.09-10-11, You can crash the server and prevent it to reload, start, until you go manually edit/delete some config files..

To reproduce :
- Add a virtualhost, fill the initial vhost window you get, create config file like requested, save.
- Don't go back in the freshly created vhost to finish the configuration, go right to the listeners and add it for the new vhost.
- reload and have fun!

I got that bug two time by now, I think it append if you don't set any doc_root.


Hi Destroyfx,

I was able to reproduce the bug on 1.4.11. The bug may have been related to another bug in 1.4.11.

I just tested on 1.4.12 and it works, so when we release the latest version, this will no longer be an issue.

Thanks for finding this bug though! With more test cases, we can be more confident that the 1.4.x branch is ready for the stable branch designation.