Dynamic virtual hosts



I posted a suggestion here: https://github.com/litespeedtech/openlitespeed/issues/9
Unless I am missing something, litespeed does not support wildcard dynamic domains the way other servers do, that is creating a catchall domain configuration and then creating a new domain simply by making a copy of a directory of an existing domain and naming the new folder with the new domain's name. Is it possible? If not, please consider this as a feature request. Thanks.

I received a reply that it can be done with Rewrite Rules. After spending all day trying to implement it, I gave up. It is possible to kind of redirect the request based on a hostname and it will work with static files, I could not get it to work reliably with PHP.

Any suggestions on Rewrite Rules? Perhaps it would be more reliable to implement it directly in litespeed instead of using Rewrite Rules? For example, all I have to do in nginx is put the following in the config file:
root /home/$host/public_html;
And it works perfectly. No need to mess with the insane syntax of Rewrite Rules.

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