Few errors on higher traffic


I have ubuntu + ols + wordpress + cache.

Sometimes i get these errors:

2021-10-08 18:32:24.200559 [INFO] [170835] Failed to get process [170896] start time, not running, skip killing.
No request delivery notification has been received from LSAPI application, possible dead lock
My configuration:
extprocessor lsphp {
  type                    lsapi
  address                 uds://tmp/lshttpd/lsphp.sock
  maxConns                100
  env                     PHP_LSAPI_CHILDREN=100
  env                     LSAPI_AVOID_FORK=200M
  initTimeout             60
  retryTimeout            0
  persistConn             1
  respBuffer              0
  autoStart               2
  path                    lsphp74/bin/lsphp
  backlog                 100
  instances               1
  priority                0
  memSoftLimit            2047M
  memHardLimit            2047M
  procSoftLimit           1400
  procHardLimit           1500

How i could tweak this? I see, that server memory is used only about 30% and almost 0 swap. So, i believe, i could try to increase some limits? Is there any calculator, how i could increase limits?

Thank you.


Any other log in the std error log?
Is it easy to reproduce? May I know if it also happens on a simple PHP script?
Sure, you could increase some limits, e.g. initTimeout, procSoftLimit, procHardLimit, and see if it helps.