First load of website slow/fails


When i want to visit one of the websites i host i sometimes get a failed connection (also when i use tools like gtmetrix) a tool will keep fetching the website untill it even fails. If i reload the page it will say my website is fast....

I read on the internet it is normal for the first try to be slow(er) but i think this is a whole new eara.

The most time I get a failed connection is when i would try to visit a website early in the morning (fist connection of the day?)

BTW: i cant get into the OLS portal --> issue with my Directadmin i guess

I use:
PHP 7.4 / 7.3 lsphp
MariaDB 10.4

Is anyone familiar this issue and how to solve it? and if anyone has some recommendations i would love to know.
This is one of the errors i can get using Google lighthouse speed check:
Lighthouse returned error: FAILED_DOCUMENT_REQUEST.

But when i look at my error logbook from Directadmin it's empty.


Which url triggerred the error? You may need to access the URL directly from your browser to web server to see any issue. It could be many reason to fail the connection, not necessary on OpenLiteSpeed side. You will need to run more test to narrow the issue.