[help] Suexec with ls 1.4.13




i want to test ls. I have one big issue with it what i cant slove.

I need to run php as a user. So i try to use suexec. When i use vhost template or add a script handler to a vhost i Always end up with the follow error.

[config:template:servertest.domain.nl:vhost:servertest.domain.nl:epsr:servertest.domain.nl_lsphp] Invalid User Name((servertest)) or Group Name((servertest))!
Can someone help me with this error ?


Hi Wouter,

How did you install 1.4.13? If it is from source, you can just apply the following patch to the source code to fix the problem.
If not from source, it appears there is a small bug in the code, where that error message is sent regardless of if it was successful or not.
What this means is that it may have been successful, just the message was sent anyway.

Are you able to get the php running as the new user, even with the error message? If not, there may be another issue.

This guide may be of use: https://www.litespeedtech.com/support/wiki/doku.php/litespeed_wiki:config:suexec-mode
Note: in OLS, “CGI Set UID Mode” is in VHost Settings -> basic, in the security section as "ExtApp Set UID Mode"

Let me know how it goes.


diff --git src/extensions/localworkerconfig.cpp src/extensions/localworkerconfig.cpp
index 877225d..d4690a8 100644
--- src/extensions/localworkerconfig.cpp
+++ src/extensions/localworkerconfig.cpp
@@ -274,7 +274,10 @@ void LocalWorkerConfig::configExtAppUserGroup(const XmlNode *pNode,
"than minimum UID, GID configured. ");
+ {
setUGid(pw->pw_uid, gid);
+ return;
+ }
LS_ERROR(ConfigCtx::getCurConfigCtx(), "Invalid User Name(%s) or Group "
"Name(%s)!", pUser, pGroup);