how about add some virtual host fuctions?


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Openlitespeed not supported by hosting control panel, so I think it need to be added some virtual host fuctions ,
first , creat virtual host directory auto with the config files.
Second , can you add a file manger to control sites files, such as upload files ,creat files ,creat dir, unzip files ,compress files to back up the site?
I tried some php file manger scripts , but not works well.


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These are some great ideas. We'll be working on ways to make OpenLiteSpeed easier to use this spring and we'll definitely take these into account. You should be able to satisfy all your web server controlling from the WebAdmin console. I realize that's not the situation now, but it's the goal.


+1 for Virtual Host functions, at least just add the domain name and the others configuration will be using a default web template. Then the user just need to upload the necessary files on the directory created too.

I just realized that OpenLiteSpeed is too hard to use when my server died today and reinstalling it again. Because it's using GUI that make it harder than necessary, at least with other web server I can use my notes on how to setup, All text based.

I can install all easily, but when managing the virtual host... I feel intimidated. At least with text based I can just type the commands and pasting the configuration. After trial and error I just gave up.


Hi Bantalguling,

First of all, we apologize for any confusion that you may have had during configuration. The Web Admin interface was created in order to simplify the configuration for those who may not be familiar with the command line interface.

That said, it sounds like you are familiar with how it works. It sounds like you're more interested in just editing a file.

When you install OLS, the configuration files are in a specific directory.
OLS 1.3.x and before:
Server configurations are in $SERVER_ROOT/conf/httpd_config.xml
VHost configurations are in $VH_ROOT/conf/vhconf.xml
Of course, the VH_ROOT and config file location are configurable in the server configurations.

OLS 1.4.x - This may have confused you a bit.
If you were using 1.3.x, we recently updated 1.4.x to be the new stable branch. The jump from 1.3.x to 1.4.x included the switch from xml to plainconf format, so any notes taken about using xml format just simply has to change to plainconf format.
Server configurations are in $SERVER_ROOT/conf/httpd_config.conf
VHost configurations are in $SERVER_ROOT/conf/vhosts/VHOST_NAME/vhconf.conf
Changes are in bold.
As before, the VH_ROOT and config files are both configurable in the server configuration file.

As mentioned before, you may just edit these files to make the changes, then after you save the files, restart the server using:
$SERVER_ROOT/bin/lswsctrl restart
To use the updated configurations.

Part of the installation includes help docs (these are in html format in $SERVER_ROOT/docs, but can also be accessed from the web admin under help->documentation).
If you have some questions regarding the specific configurations, please check the doc.
If you're still confused, don't be afraid to ask! We understand that the configurations can be difficult, and if the help docs don't help, then we need to improve them.

Regarding the original focus of this thread, I will discuss with the other devs regarding this feature, but something that may interest you is the RCS compatibility with OLS 1.4.x.
Link here.

Hope this helps,
hi, sorry for my outburst. :( I got pretty frustrated when my OLSWS stack just died and need to reinstall ASAP. I think you need update the wiki for installing OLSWS, many of them still using 1.3 and when I tried to install 1.4 I got pretty confused because it's slightly different in configuration. So I'm back to 1.3 now.

The web based administration is pretty limiting to me.



Hi Bantalguling,

Not a problem, we always want to make sure that our wikis are crystal clear.

Do you remember which articles you were using that got you confused? I see that we have some articles with picture guides, perhaps those are what you are referring to?

As mentioned before, it is possible to configure OLS with a simple text editor. If that's your preference, we can also assist you on that front.

Let me know what you're trying to get done, and I'll see how I can help.