How can I find Best Web Hosting Providers for OpenLiteSpeed

Hey all!:giggle:

Just dipping my toes into the website world, building something awesome with OpenLiteSpeed. Super excited, but also on the hunt for a solid web hosting provider. Since OpenLiteSpeed has its own quirks (in a good way!), I figured I'd tap into the hive mind here and see if anyone has recommendations.

Performance and OpenLiteSpeed support are at the top of my list. Ideally, I'd love a provider who's familiar with this web server, you know, to avoid any compatibility headaches down the line.
I also check this : But I have not found any solution.

Anyone have any personal experiences or hidden gems they'd recommend for OpenLiteSpeed hosting? Your insights would be a lifesaver in picking the perfect home for my website!

Thanks in advance:love:
What are you wondering about OLS and DirectAdmin? Are you looking for a shared host with OLS, or a dedicated server / VPS?