How do I connect to OpenLiteSpeed Web Admin Console with Google load balancer?


I'd installed a one-click deploy open lite speed WordPress instance on Google Cloud Platform.
Everything works well and set correctly.
I'd google load balancer in front of my instance, and Google manages the SSL certificate. (the SSL certificate is on load balancer)
So, I didn't use the Let's encrypt on the server.
WordPress and PHPMyAdmin worked successfully with HTTPS.

I can access the Web Admin Console directly by the instance IP: https://ip:7080
But, every time the browser will show up, "Your connection is not private."
I had to type a secret code on Chrome to visit the page.
How can I avoid this?

Can I access OpenLiteSpeed Web Admin Console with my domain URL?
Or I need to set a subdomain?
How to set up?

My load balancer setting:
front end: SSL certificate port 443
backend: instance group (WordPress) 80 port

Please help, really appreciated.