httpd_config.conf file keeps crashing on 1.7.14


I have an ongoing issue since OLS 1.6 x

Currently on my Centos 7 machine with cyberpanel 2.0.3 OLS 1.7.14 My httpd_config.conf file keeps getting crashed as below

Screenshot 2021-10-22 at 21.13.52.png

Some of the characters replaced as below unknown character

This usually happens after new website creation or website relation

Any idea what might c ause this issue ?
Appreciate your respond. Will collect more data and share with that email.

In a nutshell, I woke up many times lately with 404 for most of the websites running on my servers. Then I found out that it was caused by these question marks on the screenshot (�������) on the httpd_conf file on /usr/local/lsws/conf/

Thinking out loud, I believe it's cyberpanel's bug rather than OLS I can't see any reason why OLS would change httpd_conf file at first place..