LiteSpeed Goes Open Source!

We are very happy to announce the release of OpenLiteSpeed 1.0, a new, open source version of LiteSpeed Web Server. That’s right: LiteSpeed is going open source.We believe that giving the open source community more web serving options can’t be a bad thing, and that OpenLiteSpeed can add speed, functionality, and ease of use to the arena of open source http servers.

OpenLiteSpeed contains much of the same functionality available in our Enterprise Edition:
  • lightweight
  • great speed
  • efficient use of external applications
  • Apache-compatible rewrite rules
  • graceful restart
  • scalability
  • lots of security features
  • real-time stats
  • an easy-to-use GUI
Some features, though, are reserved for our Enterprise Edition customers:
  • control panel compatibility
  • .htaccess compatibility
  • mod_security compatibility
  • page caching.
Our press release is included below. Details and downloads can be found on the new OpenLiteSpeed site. If you have questions or want to get involved, please join the OpenLiteSpeed Development Group on Google Groups. Next week we plan to come back with another post about reactions (both positive and negative) to OpenLiteSpeed. We hope that those of you looking for a free, open source option will find OpenLiteSpeed meets your needs. And we hope that this larger community will benefit both open source and Enterprise users.

Welcome to LiteSpeed.