Migrating from ISPConfig + Apache to ISPConfig + OLS [Centos 7]

Currently running ISPConfig + Apache (php+mariadb) on CentOs 7

I have successfully installed OLS + PHP + MariaDB on my existing server.

I have access to the OLS WebAdmin Console.

I followed :

Before starting OLS I disabled and stopped httpd.

I can log in to OLS WebAdmin Console and I get "Congratulation! You have successfully installed the LiteSpeed Web Server!" Page on the Server IP.

But that's all I can do. Now the problems:

1. My existing sites (that Apache runs perfectly) don't load at all.
2. ISPConfig isn't loading either.

I read that I can import Apache configuration file into LiteSpeed but I guess OLS is different and I don't see such settings anywhere.

Please help me out. I've searched everywhere but haven't found a solution so I'm disturbing you people.

Thank You.


No experience on ispconfig, and correct, openlitespeed does not support apache config reading. Have you consider CyberPanel before?
Hi there Cold-Egg I have installed cyberpanel + openlitespeed on GCP and tested it again my current apache + wprocket but I dnt see much difference in loading. Am I missing something? Is there a tutorial to optimize it?


If just load a page from your browser, then it's hard to tell. You can try online testing tool, e.g. loader.io to do a concurrent benchmark testing on both http/https, you should be able to see something different.