OLS Modsecurity Problem

Hello ,

I using docker container , i read ols modsecurity module and i set my server configiration but Module Parameters added on article code listener and virtual host crashed and not working.

when Module Parameters empty not crash virtiualhost and listener i wrote this code

module mod_security { modsecurity on modsecurity_rules ` SecRuleEngine On SecRule REQUEST_URI "@pm phpinfo.php" "phase:1,id:'10',log,deny,status:403" `}

what can i do ?

Thank you.
mhm, seems I can reproduce it, probably the package needs to be updated. Could you try to use Comodo rule set? It should work.
Thank you for your reply

I can't login waf.comodo.com , i guess there are a problem on waf.comodo.com so i dont install comodo rule set.

How can i try alternative someting ?