ols1clk version 1.4 released!

Hey There Everyone,

ols1clk version 1.4 was released today. This version adds more parameters to support more complete installation of WordPress (using the --wordpressplus parameter), automatic testing after installation, and a warning when uninstalling to avoid accidental uninstallation.

It also adds more thorough parameter verification to avoid using wrong input variables.

Additionally, passwords now work differently. There are three ways to set each password.
  1. If you don't use the parameter that defines a password, it will be randomly generated. For example ./ols1clk -wordpress will randomly generate all four passwords.
  2. If you use a password parameter, you may enter the password after the parameter. For example ./ols1clk --adminpassword myPassword will set the webAdmin password to "myPassword".
  3. If you use a password parameter, but don't enter a password after it, you will be prompted by ols1clk to enter the password during the installation.
The updated script is available at our GitHub.
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