OpenLiteSpeed now supports the LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress!


The new OpenLiteSpeed (re)release is now capable of using the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress.

The LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress replaces any other caching solutions like WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, Hyper Cache, etc. and uses the OLS cache module to do the caching. Since the cache is served at the server level, any cached requests will never hit the WP backend, resulting in lightning fast PHP pages.

A couple notes:
- Any changes to the ".htaccess" file will require a graceful restart to take effect.
- The .htaccess parser in OLS will only understand the rules required for the plugin. Any other rules will be ignored.

As this is the lone feature added, there will not be a new version of OpenLiteSpeed. That said,
the repositories are updated and the GitHub is also updated to include this new capability.

NOTE: The download link version is still not fully functional with the cache plugin.
When 1.4.18 is released, that is when the link will be updated.

If you normally use that link to download OLS, we recommend you download from GitHub instead.

In addition, the ols1clk script is also updated, to version 1.1. This update enables installers to install
the WordPress Cache Plugin through the script as well.

As well, the script's CLI was updated to provide better security through password prompts.
If a password option is set, but '-- MY_PASSWORD' is omitted from the call, the script will prompt
you for the password. You may find more information about this here.

If you choose to use the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for WordPress, please double check your pages to ensure that
everything is still functioning correctly. If you run into any issues, please create a support thread on
the WordPress plugin page
and we will respond to you ASAP.

Happy LiteSpeeding!