OpenLiteSpeed Road Map Published!

LiteSpeed have published the first road map as to the future development of OpenLiteSpeed.

This is a very preliminary roadmap for the planned development of OpenLiteSpeed. All features and version numbers are subject to change. Please feel free to get in touch with us through the OpenLiteSpeed Development Group if you would like to make a request or help out in any way.

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Changes to Installer to simplify installation process
  • Add option to disable stderr logging

(Version 1 will be the stable version of OpenLiteSpeed for the time being.)
  • Add API layer

(Version 2 will be the beta version at first. It will be used to test more developmental features.)
  • Add SPDY and WebSocket compatibility
Note:We’re working on all three of these right now. We are not sure, at this time, whether 1.1 or 2.0 will be coming out first. During this time we will also be adding documentation as fast as we can. Please let us know what documentation you would like to see.