OpenLiteSpeed v1.5.0 Now Available

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OpenLiteSpeed v1.5.0

In this release: All of the changes from 1.4.41 and 1.4.42.

[New Feature] Added nodeJS, Python, and Ruby app server support.
[Update] Disabling WebAdmin will no longer disable coredumps.
[Update] Appserver context now supports env list.
[Update] MIME properties now support more types.
[Update] Simplified configuration now uses thedefault ROOT path for the relative paths.
[Update] Cache module is now enabled by default.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a bug where trying to bind a in-use listening port could cause a crash.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a key and cert filenames error for lscpd.
[Bug Fix] Fixed an overflow bug which could cause a server crash.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a memory leak when reusing a ClientInfo object.
[Bug Fix] Fixed first two ENV entries not getting set.
[Bug Fix] Fixed HTTP/2 and Spdy server crash errors.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a ModSecurity module bug which caused POST requests to time out.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a bug where appserver did not overwrite the existing defined context.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a bug where Python/Django was not supported correctly.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a bug where rewrite rules would cause 500 errors in some cases.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a bug in SPDY which set the connection info in the wrong place.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a bug in the Cache module where HEAD requests were saved to cache storage.

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