OpenLiteSpeed v1.5.0RC6 Now Available

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OpenLiteSpeed v1.5.0RC6 is now available.

In this release: all of the changes from 1.4.38, 1.4.39, and 1.4.40.

Incorporated version 1.4.38, 1.4.39, and 1.4.40 changes, which are:

Server Core
[New Feature] Added ‘Auto Load from .htaccess’ server and virtual host level setting to auto load .htaccess files
included in the configured context if the ‘Rewrite Rules’ setting does not already use the “rewriteFile” directive.
[Bug Fix] Fixed an extra header parsing operation bug to avoid a negative value length.
[Bug Fix] Updated to ignore “RewriteBase /” in ‘Rewrite Rules’ which caused subdirectory errors.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a RST_FRAME parsing bug in HTTP 2.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a boringSSL bug that caused a crash with the NPN callback function.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a server PUSH request bug when setting method and URL length.
[Update] Reverted default OpenSSL v1.1.1 back to the more stable v1.1.0i.
[Update] Removed “Enable Hook” setting from context level module definitions to avoid conflicts with VHost level modules.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a crash related to SSL sessions and contexts.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a crash in mod_gzip.
[Bug Fix] Fix a crash in mod_security.cpp when module data is NULL.
[Bug Fix] Fix a crash that would occur when a context level module had more parameters set than it’s VHost level equivalent.
[Improvement] Added support for the RewriteEngine directive in rewrite rules.
[Improvement] Fine tuned HTTP/2 event to avoid setting continueWrite() too early.
[Improvement] Improved SSL compatibility.
[Bug Fix] Fixed rewrite inherit and enable rewrite bugs.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a server PUSH stall bug.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a listener reuse bug that was causing a data init error.
[Bug Fix] Fixed NtwkIOLink::flush() checking the wrong ssl flush state.
[Bug Fix] Fixed bugs in buildCommonEnv.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a bug an incorrect H_CONTENT_DISPOSITION header length bug.

PageSpeed Module
[Bug Fix] Fixed a permissions error with the PageSpeed module temporary directory.

Cache Module
[Bug Fix] Fixed an error when trying to use gzip while A/B testing.
[Bug Fix] 304 responses should no longer be saved to cache.

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