OpenLiteSpeed v1.5.10 Now Available

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OpenLiteSpeed v1.5.10

In this release: the new tool, bug fixes, and more!

[New Feature] Added tool (switch server version, test running status, toggle debug log, etc).
[New Feature] Add support for 'REF_BYTES_TOTAL' and "SSL_*" reqvars. (Can be added to accesslog format as well)
[Improvement] Test and fix ownership/permissions for key directories when server starts.
[Improvement] Add a global varible to bypass static file cache checks when the pagespeed module is loaded.
[Update] Incorporated cache module into server core.
[Bug Fix] Fixed LsapiConn::eek:nTimer() logging "No request delivery ..." notice too often.
[Bug Fix] Fixed several memory leaks.
[Bug fix] Fixed IPv6 addresses being treated as IPv4 addresses.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a static file cache bug.
[Bug Fix] Fixed the old destination for a symlink directory being used when serving static files even after the symlink has been changed to a new location.
[Bug Fix] Fixed loaded modules being counted multiple times when multiple ModuleManager::loadModule() commands existed for those modules.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a bug where multi cert settings were not being inherited by VHosts.
[Bug Fix] Fixed "x-litespeed-cache: miss" header getting saved when storing a cache entry.
[Bug Fix] Fix Brotli compression not working in some cases.
[Bug Fix] Fix a bug where files larger than 2G could not be sent.
[Bug Fix] Fix some crashes.

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