OpenLiteSpeed v1.5.12 Now Available

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OpenLiteSpeed v1.5.12

In this release: CentOS 8 support, bug fixes, and more!

[Security] Update WebAdmin Console to avoid serving PHP files not belonging to it.
[Security] Prevent setting log file names ending in ".php", ".php71", etc.
[Improvement] Added support for Centos8.
[Update] Prevent assignment of port 80 or port 443 to WebAdmin Console.
[Update] Updated Example/upload.html to display more information about related optional modules.
[Update] Updated to support systemctl.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a crash when UserAgent header value was empty.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a compilation issue on Centos.
[Bug Fix] Fixed lsphp installation issues for Centos.
[New Feature] Updated cache to only serve litespeed cache related headers for frontend requests.
[Update] Update context configure to auto add a trailing '/' to the location if it is a directory.
[Update] Update tool to add support the -e paramater flag which is used to only upgrade binaries.
[Bug Fix] Fixed cache cleanup not getting called when "storagepath" config setting was not set.
[Bug Fix] Fixed a crash bug when parsing rewrite rules that occured in very rare cases.
[Bug Fix] Process start time is now detected correctly.
[Buf Fix] Fixed a few pagespeed module errors.
[Bug Fix] reCAPTCHA verification page is no longer cached.

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