OpenLiteSpeed v1.6.15 Now Available

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OpenLiteSpeed v1.6.15

In this release: bubblewrap support, bug fixes, and more!

[Major New Feature] Bubblewrap isolated CGI/PHP execution environments.
[Update] Upgrade installation LSPHP to v74.
[Update] Update LSQUIC to v2.12.7. (
[Tuning] Localize WebAdmin Console Google fonts and JS files.
[Tuning] Set default server config file 'compressibleTypes' value to "default" (use the built-in defaults which already contain most common types such as 'application/json' etc).
[Tuning] Change reCAPTCHA API URL from '' to '' to avoid blocking in some countries.
[Tuning] Avoid reCAPTCHA verification for '/.well-known/' URL.
[Tuning] Detect 'X-Real-Ip' header in a similar way to the 'CF-Connecting-IP' header and update client IP info accordingly.
[Tuning] Use $VH_NAME instead of 'Example' conf/vhosts/Example/vhconf.conf.
[Bug Fix] Address some crash issues in server DEBUG version.
[Bug Fix] Address uninitialized number comparison bug in HttpReq::classifyUrl().
[Bug Fix] Avoid crash caused by using failed ChunkOutputStream::write() call return values.
[Bug Fix] Do not suspend write if there is still pending data at the SSL layer
[Bug Fix] Address memory leak caused by failure to save pending xpool bigblock linked list.
[Bug Fix] Address PHP scripts changing error page status codes to 200.
[Bug Fix] HttpServerImpl::eek:nTimer30Secs is no longer run while server is in the middle of quitting.
[Bug Fix] Tune RadixNode::getHeader() to avoid accessing passed in NULL pointers.

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