Prebuilded image, is it worth it?

Hi there,

I have a few questions for somebody who has experience with prebuild images.
I'm looking more for a personal experience than just technical data...

1) Is it worth using prebuild images like these ones from amazon, Digital ocean, etc or you prefer to build it by yourself?
WordPress with LiteSpeed Cache (Powered OpenLiteSpeed) AWS
OpenLiteSpeed WordPress DO
CyberPanel AWS

2) I notice that prebuild images like these above using Openlitespeed WebAdmin instead of Cyberpanel.
I know that it is basically the same thing but couldn't find the exact difference, so if somebody can explain or put some links.
2.1) Let's say that I have woocommerce shop with 20k products and expecting scaling and higher traffic by the time.
-What would be your choice/approach?

Thank you in advance!

I have a bit of experience with this. The answer will be on how confident you are building from scratch.

The one's built by Litespeed are excellent, lean and fast.

I find Cyberpanel add's too much overhead and for a big WooCommerce site, you want to go Openlitespeed directly without the overhead of a control panel.

The downside with not using Cyberpanel is you will need to sort email and SSL on your own.

If performance is important, just go with Openlitespeed directly. Litespeed have a 1click installer that helps you get an install onto a bare bones VPS.

Do that, then import your Wordpress / woocommerce site over it.