Problem with Cache Lite Speed plugin after deployment of GCP


Largest Contenlful Paint element (LCP) get error, when i turn off the cache everything is fine...
I have a couple of sites don't have it and the cache is on without the Viewport add-on from the plugin.

I suspect it's the deployment, even when i turn off the LSCACHE plugin the error persist in Google Pagespeed.
I have 2 websites on GCP with openlitespeed-wordpress deployment:

Both of them get the same error. (even if i turn off the LSCACHE Plugin)

From the other hand, i have another client, i built for him 10 websites on cPanel server with the same "THEME" on WordPress
and they not do this issue on Google page speed test (have sites they identical to what i open with Lite Speed deployment)

So i pretty sure it's the deployment himself (openlitespeed server).

both of the clients sitting on the same machine (e2 – micro from Google Cloud)
they just not the same deployments. (one of the client is openlitespeed-wordpress, and the other client is cPanel server + WordPress open via cPanel interface)
GCP - Google Cloud Platform.
and ??????

GCP always use only Wordpress images?

how your CMS decide what view (Desktop or Mobile) provide?
how your manage views?
pagespeed use
- for Mobile:
Unthrottled CPU/Memory Power: 1167 CPU throttling: 4x slowdown (Simulated) Screen emulation: 412x823, DPR 1.75 Axe version: 4.7.0
Slow 4G throttling

- for Desktop:
Unthrottled CPU/Memory Power: 1395 CPU throttling: 1x slowdown (Simulated) Screen emulation: 1350x940, DPR 1 Axe version: 4.7.0

if you use incorrect settings of LSCache for Mobile view then pagespeed can use lscache from Desktop view.

even when i turn off the LSCACHE plugin the error persist in Google Pagespeed.
even if you turn off LSCACHE plugin but NOT Purge lscache then system still can use cached pages
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