Problems with LSCache / Wordpress / external cookie

We have Wordpress installed at / and a forum installed at /forums. When the user logs in to the forums, a cookie is set. We have configured the LSCache Wordpress plugin to exclude caching if this cookie is present. The rewrite rule generated by the plugin is present in our .htaccess file, and the Litespeed context is set to load the .htaccess file.

The problem is that for some reason, the HOMEPAGE of wordpress keeps getting served from cache. Subpages of Wordpress (Pages, posts) are not served from cache when the user is logged in to the forum, which is the behavior we want. But for some reason, the Wordpress homepage continues to be served from cache, even though our .htaccess rule specifically tells it not to. Here is the relevant portion of the .htaccess file, which is present in the Wordpress root directory. These were the rules generated directly by the LSCache Wordpress plugin.

### marker NOCACHE COOKIES start ###
RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE} xf_user|xf_fbUid|xf_logged_in|_lscache_vary_xf
RewriteRule .* - [E=Cache-Control:no-cache]
### marker NOCACHE COOKIES end ###
Yes, the server has been restarted many times since the rule was added. This isn't a new rule (Has been in place for many months), but we only just noticed the issue on the homepage recently.
As an update, updating the LSCache plugin in Wordpress to Exclude / solved the issue we're having. It's not a fix obviously (We DO want the homepage to be cached, but only if the cookie isn't present) but a workaround. It seems like for some reason, the plugin is always serving a cached homepage, regardless of whether it should or not.